Little Cricky by Domnita Georgescu-Moldoveanu

by Domnita Georgescu-Moldoveanu Liliana Hoton

ISBN : 978-1-927538-33-3

Little Cricky, a children’s book by Domnita Georgescu-Moldoveanu, is a story in verse of a little cricket’s adventures, translated from Romanian by Liliana Hoton and Miruna Nistor, whose children were its first avid readers.

The author is a Romanian who emigrated to France during communism, and passed away in Paris in 2013. She began writing at an early age, and tried different genres: news, children's tales, novels, poems... She was a member of the Writers' Union from Romania, but it was in French that she wrote the majority of her work. After her death, her sister wished to continue publishing her posthumous work and convey the values that the author loved.

Each of us can live more or less happy or beautiful moments in our childhood, but all such moments certainly have an impact on us. Reading a book like Little Cricket is one of the marvellous moments a child can remember with fondness later in life. We all remember the strong feelings we experienced whenever we read a beautiful, meaningful book in our childhood. Little Cricket can take a child through a journey of feelings: joy, sadness, anger, anticipation, expectation, and most important, love of life!

Every page of the book speaks about not giving up, no matter the adversity: a good lesson for anyone, especially for a child.  Not to mention the universal values that the story of the little cricket underlines: the beauty of the soul, loyalty, friendship, courage, passion, happiness.

The book is a little cricket’s journey in search of his violin, which was stolen by the winter wind. We invite the little readers and their parents to embark upon this beautiful journey, illustrated in beautiful pictures. Happy reading!