China in a Changing World

by Gar Pardy

ISBN:  9781927538616 (Paperback)
ISBN: 9781927538623 (Ebook)

In the last forty years, China has emerged from being a place where self-indulgence reigned to one that dominates and influences the world order. Tracing this ascension, retired ambassador Gar Pardy provides an imaginative and timely examination of the interplay between the superpowers of today with an emphasis on their relationships with China, the fading Russia, the confused and stumbling United States, and the emerging European Union and India. By analysing these powers' influence on global affairs, Pardy captures a broad picture of our world and a glimpse into our future.

Former ambassador Pardy details Canada's role in this international drama, with a focus on two significant current issues: the extradition of a prominent Chinese business leader and the imprisonment of two Canadians in China. It's an all-encompassing read on the countries that dominate our time.