Infinite Shades of Happiness: Love & Online Dating Revised Edition

by André Prince de Grâce

ISBN : 978-1-927538-38-8

“Infinite Shades of Happiness: Love & Online Dating,” by author André Prince de Grâce, is a new and fascinating book about what women are looking for in a relationship, and the communication barriers that still exist between men and women, especially on dating websites.

“Infinite Shades of Happiness” isn’t a book about fake dating profiles, catfishing, or online predators but acknowledge its existence. This is a captivating page-turner, a study of real-life accounts from the men and women who went online, posted a profile, and braved the responses as they searched for (as author Prince de Grâce puts it) “the heart of their lives.”

What author André Prince de Grâce shows us is that with all of the infinite possibilities that online dating opens up, the old dating rituals are still firmly in our heads.  Nevertheless, through his own online dating experiences and also through those of the many women he interviews, Prince de Grâce makes sense of it all and presents a universal look at the process of searching for a soulmate on dating websites. 

The result is an amazing and unique book about the modern rules of online dating that is insightful, reassuring, and a must-read for anyone who is looking for a meaningful relationship on the internet.